Newfie Nomad Photography

Welcome to Newfie Nomad Photography

You can take the Newfie girl out of Newfoundland but you can’t take Newfoundland out of the girl!.

Born and raised in the beautiful province of Newfoundland, Canada my roots, my passion and my heart will always be here on the Rock!

My photography is a reflection of that passion. As many Newfoundlanders know all to well , the lack of work opportunities in Newfoundland meant leaving “home” to create a future elsewhere while many commute around the world still residing in Newfoundland. Those who leave always come back with a new appreciation for this piece of heaven we have here.

That is also my story, having gone away,  only coming back for brief visits any chance we could. Newfie Nomads and the nomadic lifestyle resonates deeply with Newfoundlanders from away longing for home.

I hope to fill a small void for all my fellow Newfoundlanders by capturing the magic of our Island and bringing people home, if only for a brief moment through my photography.

Dedicated to all Newfoundlanders. ENJOY.




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